Many things in my life I never thought that I would hear from my girls’ mouth.  At times you would think that I have boys.  My girls are not saying anything bad but damn, some of the things that are being said in my house is amazing.  Just recently my youngest daughter who is 8 years old informed me that her little friend was a genius.  When I ask her why she thought that her friend was so smart she stated “mom, she can burp a really long time,” but wait for it, “in her mouth.”  Wow, I would have never have thought that my girls wound even think that this was remotely funny, but for some reason they do.

My girls have another thing that they think is totally funny.  both of my girls will announce that they farted.  Really, I thought that farting and bragging about it was a boy thing but no, not my girls.  They will announce it loud and proud, like it is an remarkable accomplishment that only could be achieved by them.  This accomplishment only happens in public or around friends.  Never can it happen in the privacy of my own home, only in public for my girls.  What is completely ironic is that if I have a friend who ask them “what their name is” or “how are you”  both my girls will shrink down into a ball and try to disappear.  Strange children.


Just the other night my youngest daughter, Skye, and I had the strangest conversation.    It had started with the day before when she ask if she could have some money for the book fair the the school was having.  Wanting to buy books, well yes, of course… and I ended that day patting myself on the back and started to write my mother of the year award speech.  My child wanted to buy books. The next day Skye come to me and says “mom, the book that I want is seven dollars and that is how much that you gave me, but I have to pay for taxes, so I will not have enough.”  Okay, not a problem.  I hand Skye a one dollar bill the next day and it was then that the confusion started.  No mom I need 13 more dollars.  what you said that you need money to cover the sales tax. 7+1=8.  Elementary.  I may not be a math person but I even know this.    What sales tax was she trying to pay?   ” Skye, the dollar will be enough to get the book that you want”.  But “no mom I need 13 more dollars.”  The thought kept crosses my mind every time that she would ask for 13 more dollars is, what kind of sales tax is the school charging?  All Skye could do was keep asking for the 13 more dollars.  No, more money, I told her.  I finally got her to explain to me her math and why she needed 13 more dollars.  She wanted to buy more than one book and some items that was at the book fair.

That night Skye came home with a One Direction poster and a black light pen. Well this completely destroyed my hopes of the mother of the year award but now I have a invisible black light pen to write it with.