The new things this week

I swear that my girls are on a role again this week.  I guess that I can not complain because it gives me funny things to write about each week and I don’t have to make stuff up.

  1. I am fabulous
  2. What do you mean that I have to wash the corners?
  3. I peed Niagara Falls
  4. It’s not gay it’s fabulous.

I am starting to think that all of these funny phrases are something that Skye is hearing and then repeating at different times and this is what makes this funny.   The two fabulous statements are quotes, I think, from a web based cartoon that my girls watch on line.  I can not even start to tell you what the name of it is right now.  All  I know is that is is a cartoon.    In this cartoon a guy with a accent says things like I am fabulous in the cartoon after he dresses up in different costumes.    With that back ground in mind, Skye will walk around the house and say,  “I am fabulous” at all the random times like walking to the room.  She will just walk into the room and announce this.  This funniest thing is the dumbest statement that she repeats and really has no clue what it means.  This phrase comes from the cartoon also but happen more frequently.  It could be a toy that she is showing you and she will say it’s not gay it fabulous.  She does understand what gay means when talking about people but when it comes to something being gay she really has no idea.    When I try to explain it to her I get to laughing so hard at her facial expression I have to stop.

The new funny thing that has come our her mouth this week has been, what do you mean i have to clean the corners.  See what happened was that I made my girls start doing chores these last couple of weeks against great rebellion.  Skye’s choir is to clean the bathroom.  Our bathroom is the size of a closet.   All she had to do was wipe out the bathtub.  about twenty minutes later Skye came out of the bathroom and told me that she was done.  The next time that I went in there I seen that the bathtub had not been wiped out and when I brought it to her attention she looks at me completely puzzled and states” what do you mean I have to wash the corners? Really I thought that it was common sense but not that apparent to an eight year old.  One has to clean all of it.  When she said this Skye said it in such a way that cleaning all of the bathtub was something that her little mind skipped.

The last statement of the day is I peed Niagara falls.  The really funny part is that we all have been there.  It is the point of needing to use the restroom so bad that you can not move and when you do sit to pee, it continues for so long.  Skye came out of the restroom and announced that she “had peed Niagara Falls.”  Where does she get this stuff.  I could only hope to be as funny as she is .  


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