Her kinda help

  1. What is focus
  2. I’m a genius
  3. Something he did


Well, it has been some time now but I have some good ones to make up for the lost time.  Now lets start at the beginning.  I was sitting on the couch talking to my sister about the local new paper and current events of the week.  Skye how was not in the room at the beginning comes into the room and starts to talk over the both of us, Me and my sister.  When she started talking she wanted to know what we were talking about.  At the time I was talking about the local new paper Focus on Oak Grove which  of course covers all local school news and local news.  She was interested in the news paper but was not paying attention.  She looks at me and says ” what is focus?”  Okay, well if she was paying attention maybe the “focus” would have been there.  If someone is going to interrupt your conversation they should at least know what you are talking about.  Jumping in the middle of the conversation is rude but when someone cuts in and was not paying attention to start with, now that is just funny.

The next story involves both of the statement from above.  I was having a problem with my computer but when my computer does not work I get mad pretty fast.  It only breaks down when I am trying to get something important done or it is late at night.  This could never happen when I am just cruising Facebook.  No, it happens when I can not call anyone for help or only after I have lost the paper that I have been working in for days and then lose it.  This certain night I was tying to print off what I needed to finish, the last little part of my assignment.  The printer errors out.  This is so my kinda luck.  So I do what everyone else does and shuts off the printer and restarts it.  Now that should have worked. No.  So as I am sitting there getting madder about not being about to finish and my daughter Skye, comes over and says she is going to help me bu fixing the printer.  She comes over to the computer table and pushes the restart button again.  This is what I had just done, and she came over to do it again.  At least she was trying. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but even I know that if the computer errors out chances are that it just needs to be resit and everything will be fine.  I got this.  All I could say to her is, am I that stupid that you come and do the most obvious thing.  The best thing and the funnest thing about this is when she resit the printer she looks at me with the biggest smile and very proud of herself and yells I AM A GENIUS.   All I could do at this point is laugh.  I was not mad about the printer not working  anymore.  I mean how could I.  She tried to help.  She was so proud and thought that she had fixed it all. It  did turn out to be a good night after all.


I only had 5 bowls

  1. Mom, you got some explaining to do about the tooth fairy
  2. You don’t know my pain
  3. Jazz hands
  4. I thought the bucket was a toilet
  5. I only had 5 bowls

This week was a doozy.  All of the fun statements were made by my youngest daughter Skye.  I love that she is so funny at times and I wish that she would show other people how funny she is.  Other times I just shake my head of “did that really come out of her mouth”. well, here comes some of the back story of where these statements came from.  

As my girls have lost their baby teeth I have kept them.  My hope was to be able to give their teeth to them when they were older along with all their school keepsakes.  I have put their grade cards along with fun things that they have made through  the years in files.  I have it separated by school year.  The plan was to put the teeth in the folder just for them to have along with all  this stuff.  Well, that was the plan.  Skye found where I have been keeping all of the teeth.  She had found the group of teeth before but she believed me when I told her it was my baby teeth.  This time she found a tooth that she lost that had a cavity in it.  It was very different looking.  She found the tooth and knew instantly that it was hers.  She came out of the bedroom with the tooth in hand and said mom you got some explaining to do.  When I went into by story of it was mine she called me on it.  There was no talking my way out of this.  Damn.  I loved that she stilled believed in the tooth fairy.  They grow up so fast.  I had to tell her that I was the tooth fairy and she informs me that, you are not the tooth fairy mom” she has the evidence in here hand and she tells me I am not the tooth fairy.  Okay, as long as she believes.  

Wow,  she is funny.  One morning she walks into the living room and tell me that her foot hurts, she had just stepped of something in the bedroom.  When I started to laugh because, hell, we all have been there done that, Skye did not like that.  I thought that I was the only human alive that stepped on toys barefoot and then continued on limping into another room wanting to cry.  I told Skye that I had done this more times that I would like to remember she said “but you don’t know my pain”.  Really?  I will step on the only toy in the room in the dark.  Anyone else would not have that privilege, only me.  

My little Skye is in the third grade and had a music program which is a right of passage as you get older.  The programs are short and sweet and to the point which I love. I love my girls but sitting on a hard gym seat, crammed into a hot gym with 10,000 other third grade parent is not my idea of fun, so I digress.  As all of the 8 and 9 year old’s are singing about spring the snow is blowing on my car.  The end of one of the songs all of the kids do “jazz hands”.  I thought that it was funny.  It was a small chuckle as all of the kids sing on.  That night when we got home she would out of the blue just say “jazz hands”.  Now when the idea comes into her head jazz hands comes out of her mouth.

The last two statement happened in the same time.  I thought that Skye was on a roll when she was telling me the story.  Skye earned a limo ride to a pizza place for selling major saver cards.  She thought that she was hot stuff.  She told me.  I get to ride in a limo and you don’t. That night when she got home from school I ask her about how was the ride?  She was so excited to tell me that she got to ride with another little friend and the radio was on and they were singing along with it.  Oh, mom, there was a trash can there in the limo and I thought that it was a toilet. OMG.  She is not a blonde but sometimes she has her moments.  Well, I guess if you got to go you got to go and anything will work according to Skye.  Now her story started about the pizza place that she got to eat at.  Skye informs me “That I only had 5 bowls of ice cream.”  ONLY 5 BOWLS.  You have got to be kidding me.  I asked her if she actually ate any pizza and her response was one.  I spent the rest of the night listening to Skye complain about a belly ache.