Well, I guess that I am going to save the best for last.  This is not exactly what came out of their mouth, but in a way it did.  When Cheyenne was a baby, my sister could not get enough of her.  She was my first born and the youngest baby my sister had been around for an extended period of time.  And like now, I live with my sister so she see’s my girls quite often.   Okay now back to the story.

I hope that you have a strong stomach for this because it will completely gross you out if it is a little uneasy.  I was breast feeding my daughter which mean that I was the only person who could feed her.  It would make Sarah mad because she would have to give up the baby in her arms so I could feed her.  After I was finished and changed her diaper I handed Cheyenne back to Aunt Sarah so she could get spoiled some more.   Sarah who does not have any children of her own thought that it was play time for my six month old daughter.  I reminded Sarah that I had just feed the baby and that I would not do that.  What was Sarah doing? Sarah was holding Cheyenne at arms length above her head, almost like throwing her up in the air but Cheyenne never left her hands.  Sarah would do this and look up at her and make sounds and faces at her.  Again, I reminded Sarah that I JUST FED the baby.  I would not do that.  But, what do I know, I am just the mother.   The last time that Sarah threw the baby up in the air Cheyenne puked.  Sarah was looking up at her and Cheyenne puked in her eye and down her face.  I seen it happen.  Sarah screamed and all I could do was laugh.   I was laughing so hard and Sarah is trying to hand the baby to me.  I was still laughing so hard that I could not hold the baby, Cheyenne.  I had to lay Cheyenne down on a blanket so I could go get a wash cloth.  I am still laughing so hard  and buy this time Sarah is gagging.  She was trying not to throw up her self.  I threw and burp blanket at Sarah to clean out her eye.  I cleaned up Cheyenne because when she did vomit it was so large that it was all over her face, and Sarah’s too.  I had to change the baby as well.  I went to Sarah to help her clean out her eye so she could go change her shirt, bra,  and pants.  It was so bad that Sarah had vomit in her hair and in the bra.  Sarah had to get into the shower because if you have never had the pleasure of having a baby throw up on you, the smell is worse than rotten eggs.  Needless to say Sarah learned her lesson about throwing the baby in the air.


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