The last and Final

  1. I am a princess and all I need is a tiara

Although I have a good laugh at my girls’ expense most days they are the love of my life and they are the reason that I am alive.  Many days in the past I would have given up if it was not for both of my girls.  They give me a reason too get out of bed everyday.  I have to wake up when someone is holding open your eyelid asking  if  “you awake”.  Nope just laying here completely awake waiting for you to come and pry my eye open.  Here’s your sign.

Some days when you are in a perfect slumber and something comes at touches you  in the middle of the night to inform you that they just peed the bed and they want to come and sleep with you.  Okay that’s fine, you bring your urine soaked body and come and rub it all over me because I could not sleep with out that extra smell of urine.  Thank you for making things better tonight.

another fun time with my girls is when they want to get your attention.  Skye has the new habit that she yells, PSSSS.  I have taken to looking toward her and asking if she has……. spring a leak?

Did that really come out of her mouth, yes it has, with my girls anything is totally possible.  Now with children anything is possible to say in response to them.  When they were babies I had a bouncer to put them in to help put them to sleep.  On this bouncer there was music and a vibrator.  Well, the batteries ran out.  I am in the middle of Walmart and I announce that I need batteries for my vibrator.  Not thinking about what I said, my family was between shock, horror, and laughing so hard they could not breath.  Did I really say that. Yes I did. Then I wonder where my girls get their mouth from.  I will claim that it was not me. immaculate conception.  After I realize what I had announced in the middle of a  crowded department store I wanted to die and crawl under a rock.

Have I said anything stupid since.  Yes, but it happens so often that nobody notices anymore.    When my girls say something stupid I look at them and ask if I can help them find their momma because she is probably looking for them.

When my girls where smaller and they would throw a fit in the grocery store, I mean a fit.  A fit like on the ground rolling and crying, I have stepped over them walked over to a complete stranger and ask if she knew who the mother is of that child.

Finally, the last funny thing that my girls have said, and it happened tonight.  She announces that  “I am a princess, I just new my tiara.  Most days I treat my girls like they are only to have them throw up in my lap.



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